Helps to create an intelligent and
energy-efficient lighting system

Deliver sustainable and energy efficient buildings and bring
a positive impact on occupant's wellbeing!

What is our smart control ecosystem

Our Lumos control ecosystem makes lighting smarter, which translates to lower energy consumption, enhanced occupant experience, and energy code compliance.

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How Lumos Controls helps you

Exceptional lighting

Enhances occupant's lighting experience and comfort with advanced lighting controls.

set up

You can quickly install, maintain and operate the ecosystem without much effort.

Flexibility in

After installation, the lighting control system can be easily reconfigured as per changes in space plan.

Energy code
compliance & rebates

Provides advanced lighting control capabilities, energy code compliance and delivers more value out of the box.


Provides high level security for all the information exchanged between cloud, application, and server.


An up-to-date system with software updates and security features and can unlock all future possibilities.

Lumos offers a complete, end to end
lighting solutions for a smarter world

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