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Patient’s Room

Imagine lying in a dark room or a room without enough light! Dreadful, isn't it? It's important to create a perfect ambience with the right amount of light to aid faster recovery.

Nurse Station

The central hub of a patient ward is nurse station. Make sure you care for the caretaker with sufficient illumination, glare- free and circadian lighting for increased productivity. The tunable white solution will make staff stay energetic and stress-free.

Waiting Room

Hospital waiting room is a nerve-wrecking experience. Time goes slow and tension goes high, imagine what if the lighting is also dull. Pleasant and subdued lighting will make environments comfortable for patients and bystanders.

Corridor & Staircase

Patients in stretch beds laying on their backs, caretakers and staff running around is a usual scene in any hospital corridor and staircase. This area requires uniform distribution of light which is glare-free, ideal for wayfinding along with reduced energy consumption.

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