A smart control ecosystem
that grows with your business!

Lumos Controls offers you freedom of choice! Decide how to start, what to
achieve and how to grow, and step into a sustainable future.

What is our smart control ecosystem

Our smart control ecosystem features the most advanced lighting control devices, interfaces, and cloud brought together to meet the demand for a superior lighting network which helps to reduce energy consumption, enhance occupants’ experience, and reduce operational expenses considerably.

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How Lumos Controls helps you

Save energy and
be sustainable

Lumos Controls ecosystem paves way to a more energy efficient operation and helps you meet your sustainability goals.

lighting experience

The system can improve occupant comfort and productivity with an adaptive lighting environment.

operational cost

Optimize operational expenses with reliable components and save more with zero-maintenance lighting networks.

pay back

Get faster ROI by implementing energy saving strategies and availing utility rebates.


Avoid legal and financial implications by complying with your regional energy codes.


It offers you the flexibility to go ahead with space utilization plans without having to worry too much about lighting controls

Easy to

The lighting system offers the freedom to start small and upgrade when needed.


High level security for all the information exchanged between cloud, application, and server


Ready to host all future possibilities so you will earn maximum ROI.

Whether you own a commercial or industrial building,
Lumos Controls is the right choice for you!

Want to see our smart control ecosystem in action?
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